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Not Oatmeal Jars with Hemp Chia and Superfoods: Low Carb Dairy Free

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Hemp chia and superfood jars

Do you need a portable grab-and-go breakfast or snack? This is the jar for you! The recipe scales up or down to make as many as you need. Low-carb people have discovered hemp hearts make a great substitute for that oatmeal texture, that’s why this gets the title of “not oatmeal” jars.

All you need are small glass jars, half-pint canning jars work well. They come in regular, round, or the squatty wide mouth kind which are kind of cute.

Layer and stir

Hemp hearts are tiny protein-packed powerhouses of nutritious goodness. They are good cold like these jars, or hot, like in my Hemp Heart Porridge. Hemp seeds have anti-inflammatory properties, are high in fiber, are a good source of complete plant-based protein, and have an excellent omega 3:omega 6 ratio.

Chia seeds give a big helping of antioxidants, minerals for skin and bone health, more fiber and protein, and more omega-3 fats.

Round out these healthy little jars with walnuts or pecans, dark chocolate, and collagen powder. Make it creamy and delicious with full-fat coconut milk or, even better, coconut cream. Sweeten to taste with stevia, or if you’re not keto you can use maple syrup or raw honey.

Walnuts and pecans are both great sources of more healthy fats, plus more antioxidants. Dark chocolate (72% or higher) is also super high in antioxidants. Always choose fair trade chocolate even if you have to pay a little more. Collagen powder is good for skin, hair, joints, gut health and lots more. Look for grassfed, non-gmo brands.

Hemp Chia Superfood jars

Use the following ingredients per each jar. Layer the ingredients and then stir and chill.

Layer all the ingredients, except for the optional fruit, in the jar, stir it up well to mix everything together. Take a little taste just to see if it is sweetened to your liking, then put the lid on the jar and chill it for at least 4 hours or overnight. When read to serve remove the lid and add any fresh berries or fruit you like to the top and enjoy!

personalize these jars with your own creative add ins – try a little cinnamon or ginger

ALN’s Best of 2014: Best Easy Snack Recipes

ALN snack roundup collage titlesAlternative Living Network is a network of Christian natural living bloggers — bringing light and life to the alternative lifestyle. We’ve gathered together to bring you the very best of 2014. In this post you’ll find more than two dozen fun and tasty recipes for the snack-a-holic in any family. Many recipes are suitable for special diets such as gluten-free, dairy-free or sugar-free.  Try them all and leave behind a comment – in fact we’d love it if you left a comment here letting everyone know which recipe is your favorite, and leave another comment on the recipe page to share a little love with the person who developed the recipe!

Best of 2014 Snack Recipes

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Which snack does your family like best? Tell us here in the comments or share with us on our Facebook page. See all the other Best of 2014 categories here.

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