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4 Factors That Determine How Severely Amalgam Fillings Affect Your Health


This is Part II of a 3 part series on mercury in dentistry, detoxification and health. The complete articles are available on the Traditional Cooking School website where I am a regular contributor.

Does long-term, chronic exposure to low doses of mercury vapor pose any risks? What might the health effects be?

And, are there any subsets of our population who might have greater sensitivity to mercury?

These are the questions we will answer in this continuation of our discussion on mercury amalgam fillings. ….. Read More

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Fat, Fatigued, Depressed, Digestive Trouble and Hormones?

You’ve seen the reports, you’ve watched the news, you probably know someone, it may even be you, who is dealing with one, two, three or even all five of these issues. Fatigue at one time catches nearly everyone these days. Truly joyful people are becoming a rarity. Constipation, heartburn, gas, bloating, or diarrhea plague more and more people. Hot flashes, mood swings, sleep problems and weight gain are so common they’ve become Broadway musical material.


The Kalish Method by Dr Daniel Kalish

Dr. Daniel Kalish realized writing prescriptions and chasing symptoms wasn’t helping his patients.  Now he has developed a new system, and written a book telling us about it, designed to get to the root causes of poor health to help you get truly healthy. His book is The Kalish Method: Healing the Body, Mapping the Mind. In his book Dr. Kalish explains how three important body systems control much of our health, and if just one of these systems breaks down it can cause a cascade of trouble throughout our bodies. When we just focus on symptoms (weight gain is a symptom not a disease by itself) rather than the underlying root causes (poor liver detox ability is a root cause) we won’t find lasting solutions. When we throw drugs at symptoms we can even end up with more problems then we started with.  Through years of experience Dr. Kalish came to realize that “while the patients and their symptoms and their individual expressions of the problems varied, the underlying problems with the various body systems remained the same.” So he stopped pursuing symptoms and focused on fixing body systems.

What were those body systems? The digestive system, the detoxification system and the adrenals and how they interact with the brain are what Dr. Kalish looks at first. The digestive system is like the mother. It feeds everything. “You quite literally are what you eat, and if your body isn’t able to properly absorb your food, you will suffer a myriad of symptoms.”  Sometimes the symptoms that clue us in to the fact that we have digestive issues can be tricky to decipher. However if you have one of the issues listed above, or the “Big 5” as Dr. Kalish calls them, you probably have digestive troubles. Whether from your outside environment, as a result of poor nutrition, or because of your digestive troubles, too many toxins building up in your body can spell trouble too. In fact one of our body’s common responses to toxins is to wrap them in fat so they’re less dangerous. So when we take in more toxins than our livers can handle we get fat, toxic fat that is even harder to lose.

Dr. Kalish explains that the adrenals, two glands sitting one on top of each kidney, play a powerful role in our everyday health. Adrenals effect our blood sugar regulation, cells, muscles, bones, connective tissue, memory, learning, sleep, mood, immune system, detox capacity, weight, metabolism, thyroid, sex hormones and more. When our adrenals get overstressed then any one of these other functions can get broken AND messed up adrenals can mess up digestion which starts ANOTHER cascade of problems. Nutrients don’t get absorbed, more toxins slip through, we get food allergies, our antioxidants get used up, and we get fat, tired and depressed. On top of that our brains don’t work because there aren’t enough neurotransmitters being made. Oh boy!

You may not know much about neurotransmitters, but they are very important! Neurotransmitters are special chemicals (made from the amino acids we eat) in the brain that allow nerve cells (also called neurons) to communicate with each other all throughout the body. Our body makes neurotransmitters in well-regulated cycles just like it also makes hormones (why else do they call it your monthly cycle 🙂 ).  Two key neurotransmitters that frequently get off balance are dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is energizing, it motivates you and improves your focus, concentration and memory. Serotonin is calming, helps you sleep, and relieves anxiety. Serotonin, or the lack of it, has gotten a lot of media attention in its role in depression.  Very few people realize, however, that 95% of the serotonin made in our body goes straight to the digestive tract where it controls digestive function!  So not only does low serotonin make us feel depressed, it also causes us to have digestive trouble which, as we know, can cause that cascade of additional problems.

So how do we get deficient in these neurotransmitters? Dr. Kalish says we might be deficient due to our lifestyle because we eat all the wrong things, we are constantly under stress and we don’t get enough sleep; or we might be deficient due to some kind of damage or trauma such as a concussion from a car wreck or exposure to dangerous chemicals; or we might be deficient due to a genetic defect that doesn’t allow us to make enough neurotransmitters. Some people have more than one reason for being deficient.

Dr. Kalish explains in detail how our three systems, digestive/adrenal/detox, work and how breakdowns in any or all can lead to the “Big 5”. He spends time writing about healing the body and the mind and how to find the causes underlying many of our main health concerns. What surprised me was how often he listed stress as the main trigger for the breakdown of our health. Stress burns out our adrenals, it causes our digestive tract to fall apart and it allows toxins to build up. Stress is bad stuff!

Throughout the book Dr. Kalish talks about diagnostic medical tests you can get from functional medical practitioners that help you discover which body system needs help.  These tests were developed by Dr. Marty Hinz who has researched and published many papers on how he unraveled the biochemistry of the brain, and has helped his patients to lose weight, improve blood pressure, and stabilize diabetes using nutrition instead of medication.  Dr. Kalish also talks about the importance of managing stress. In fact when he first begins treating his patients he always asks them “when did your health problems first start?” and then “what was going on in your life?”  He has discovered that 95% of the time a person’s health problems started within 1-2 years of a period of great emotional stress such as grief, loss, financial, work or even something happy like a wedding.

Dr. Kalish lists our three main sources of stress as coming from something emotional such as a divorce, or dietary such as low calorie dieting, or inflammatory such as undiagnosed gluten sensitivity. In fact, he has discovered that so many people don’t realize they are sensitive to gluten that he puts a gluten questionnaire right in the book. I scored an 8 which put me in the “suspected” category. (I had already suspected this myself and have been mostly off gluten for 8 months.)

So what can we do to improve our three systems, give our brain what it needs, and get rid of the “Big 5”? Dr. Kalish advises we find a functional medicine practitioner who can order the diagnostic tests for us. He also recommends a program of stress management, regular plentiful sleep (go to bed by 10pm), exercise at least 30 min. per day 5 days a week, and eat a healthy diet. What is his idea of a healthy diet? He says to eat enough high quality protein to re-stock our brain chemistry. This comes from grassfed beef, pork, lamb, pastured poultry and eggs, wild caught fish, raw or soaked nuts, raw cheeses or goat cheese and yogurts. Eat only unrefined carbohydrates including plenty of fresh vegetables (especially green ones), fruits, beans and gluten-free grains. But most of all include unrefined fats at each and every meal. “If protein is the framework to a brain-healthy diet, then fats are the nails and the bolts. The brain is 80% fat, so it is crucial to have unrefined fat sources at each meal.” He recommends a variety of healthy fats including extra-virgin cold pressed olive oil, sesame oil, cod liver oil, virgin unrefined coconut oil, and real butter or ghee. He especially likes raw butter for its healing qualities. He specifically says to avoid all margarines and hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils as well as canola and other vegetable oils.  As for beverages – water is best. Additional cautions are given to avoid soy and any genetically modified food, artificial sweeteners and MSG.

Several questionnaires in the appendix allow you to asses your stress levels. You can also learn more by visiting the Wellness Center on his website.

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Wise Traditions 2013 Radical Nutrition with Louisa Williams session 1

louisa williams

Louisa Williams, Radical Medicine

Today was Day One of the 2013 Wise Traditions conference of the Weston A Price Foundation in Atlanta, GA.  I spent the whole day, from 10a.m. to 5p.m., listening to Louisa Williams, author of Radical Nutrition.  I have tons of notes and lecture handouts, but I just want to put things down in writing here to help cement in my brain everything that she said. So I’m afraid this won’t be very organized, just going to stream out what I have down and hope it will be of help to you too.

Louisa Williams’ topic today was Removing the Obstacles to Cure.  You can go to her website, radicalmedicine.com to learn more about her and her medical practice. Her book, Radical Medicine, is an in-depth look at curing acute and chronic illness from a holistic and homeopathic viewpoint.

Here goes….The 20th century was a time of radical change, both for the good and for the bad.  Good things include the advancements made in hygiene and sanitation such as indoor plumbing, running water, daily baths and showers; also other areas of sanitation in daily living; and the invention of refrigeration including home refrigerators to keep food fresh.

The list of bad things that came out of the 20th century make up a list that Dr. Williams calls “7 Major Toxic Insults”.

1. The invention and subsequent widespread use of petrochemicals such as insecticides that have found their way into the water, air and soil.

2. Mercury amalgam fillings in every baby boomer’s mouth. Mercury fillings were developed to fill a need for ‘cheap, easy and fast’ ways to fill the ever increasing amounts of cavities in the general population.

3. Widespread mandatory injections of vaccines. In 1950 a total of 7 vaccines per child were required. Now by the time a child reaches college they will receive 69 vaccines. Dr. Sabin, the co-inventor of the polio vaccine, spoke out against vaccines saying “they are a failure”. Tim O’Shea states “vaccination is not immunization” there have been no double-blind tests done on vaccines.

4. Pervasive EMF stress through wifi, electric cars, and smart meters on houses.

5. Widspread use of GMOs – carcinogenic Bt crops.  There is a website now hoping to catalog all of the restaurants in the U.S. that pledge to be GMO-free.  http://www.nongmoorganicrestaurants.com

6. Direct-to-consumer advertising, which first began in 1997, to have celebrity endorsements and advertising of prescription drugs directly to the general public rather than to the medical community.

7. Overuse of antibiotics

A healthy lifestyle is no longer enough to achieve good health in the face of the 7 Toxic Insults. We must use natural healing according to the wise traditions of our ancestors.

When you remove the toxic obstacles to healing then your amazing Weston A Price diet will work.

Allopathic medicine – “other than or against” the disease. Treat disease by using medicine antagonists and suppressors to disease symptoms, such as antihistamins, antitussives anti-inflammatory, antibiotic

Naturopathic – support body’s immune system to heal itself.

Pesticide use: in 1950 10% of cornfields were sprayed, In 1993 99% of cornfields were sprayed, In 1929 the Swann Chemical company (later incorporated by Monsanto) made the first PCBs which were subsequently banned in 1976, but PCBs are still found all over the globe.

Read Stolen Future by Theo Colborn

Environmental Working Group study in 2002 “Body Burden” – average baby as 200 toxic chemicals in their cord blood at birth – placenta does not protect. The mother must avoid these chemicals if the baby is to stay unexposed.  So how do we change? How do we protect ourselves?  CHANGE PERSONAL CARE AND CLEANING PRODUCTS! This is one of the most simple and important ways to detox – change your cosmetics and soaps!  Read the labels!

Don’t buy/use isopropyl alcohol – use natural alcohols from a health food store.  Avoid parabens! They’re BAD! Cause CANCER!

Dr. Philippa Darbre, Oncologist, found parabens inside the tumors of 18 out of 20 women with breast cancer. The parabens came from skin application such as deodorants, lotions, etc.)

EPIGENETICS! We turn on our genetic tendency to cancer when we bathe and use cosmetics with toxic chemicals.  People have “gene myopia” – we think genes control our destiny.

Read Epigenetic Inheritance and Evolution: the Lamarchian Dimension by Jean Baptiste Lamarch

The cosmetic industry in Europe highly regulates their ingredients. The FDA does none. Regulation is given to the industry itself. Even companies with holistic reputation use bad ingredients. Solvents used to extract ingredients are not required to be listed at all in spite of residue remaining in the product.

EPA study in 1991 found toxic solvents in 100% of all perfumes. 95% of all perfumes contained other toxic chemicals.

We need to replace our personal care products with non-toxic versions. Use the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep  www.ewg.org/skindeep and www.radicalmeddicine.com lists of products.

Detoxification support can be enhanced with “Russian Algae” from Biosuperfood  F1. It is strong enough to detox radiation poisoning and heavy metal poisoning. Binds toxic metals and chemicals to eliminate them. www.bioage.com This supplement also functions as a multi-vitamin.

Back pain is hardly ever just back pain. It is inflammation of vital organs manifesting elsewhere in the body.

MRT – matrix reflext test a kind of kinesiology testing used to determine healing strategies

“The harmless aspect of the familiar…” – Rachel CarsoJust because your friends use these products they are not ok. Cancer and disease is silent and relentless.

Remove the toxins from your home: cleaning products, non-toxic bedding, don’t buy brand new homes (or else deliberately allow them to off gas all the toxins before you move in). Visit Mary Cordaro’s website www.marycordaro.com an expert in the field of homes and furninshings.  Read Natural Home Magazine.  Don’t buy new cars.  Ann Arbor, MichiganEcologyCenter rates cars – most and least toxic.  Least toxic car 2012 Honda Civic (Prius most toxic)

www.beyondpesticides.org and www.panna.org

Supplements are not always good either. Many are synthetic vitamin isolates, inorganic minerals and toxic excipients.  Read Empty Harvest by Dr. Bernard Jensen and Mark Anderson.  Even back in 1936 99% of Americans were deficient in minerals.  Beware of the “other” ingredients in your supplements. Stearates are hydrogenated cottonseed oil. Magnesium stearate reduces the absorption of the actual supplement.  >>a good vitamin C is Pure Radiance C from www.thesynergycompany.com

Time-release medicines are coated in phthalates.  U.S. is most highly medicated and vaccinated country and yet we rank 29th in life expectancy.

Dr. Barbara Starfield in JAMA 2000 reported allopathic medicine itself was the 3rd leading cause of death in hospitals.  Google Death By Medicine – Dr. Gary Null

1 in 4 people over age 45 are on statin drugs.  Read The Great Cholesterol Con,   Watch Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-up DVD

Pesticides interfere with vitamin A pathways. Eating organic foods provides immediate protection from toxic chemicals.

We must remove the obstacles to cure found in our personal care products, cleaners, cars and supplements.  International College of Applied Kinesiology can recommend practitioners and dentists.  Also check www.Primaldocs.com

That was the end for session 1. There are 2 more sessions but it is late and I will stop here.