Smoky Roasted Brussels Sprouts

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People have a love/hate relationship with Brussels sprouts. I happen to be in the love camp. We were in Auburn, AL, recently and went out to eat for my daughter’s birthday. They had Brussels sprouts on the menu. They were crispy, salty and smoky and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. I’ve come pretty close to the flavor with this recipe. This is so simple, really, that it’s hardly a recipe.

I started with a pound of fresh Brussels sprouts which I washed, trimmed off the bottoms and outer leaves, and sliced in half. The sprouts went in a big bowl, and then I melted about 2 Tablespoons of bacon grease. Yes, I save bacon grease – and you should too! Lard and bacon grease are stable fats for cooking, have a nice balance of monounsaturated and saturated fats, and if your pigs lived outdoors they’re also a source of vitamin D. Anyhow, back to the recipe – I sprinkled a couple of teaspoons of Smoky Salt Blend over the sprouts, drizzled on the bacon grease and tossed it all together. Everything got dumped into a stoneware pan (a cast iron skillet would work too) and roasted at 425 degrees for about 25 minutes until they were caramelized on the outside and tender on the inside.

The Smoky Salt Blend is one of about a dozen homemade salt/spice blend recipes from the Practical Paleo cookbook. I love Practical Paleo not just for the recipes, but for the great information, too. This blend is 1 Tblsp chipotle powder, 1 Tblsp smoked paprika, 1 Tblsp onion powder, 1/2 Tblsp cinnamon, 1 Tblsp sea salt, and 1/2 Tblsp black pepper. I think it would be just as good if you subbed garlic powder for the cinnamon.

I made sure there were a few Brussels sprouts leftover and had myself a Paleo-style breakfast this morning. I fried up one slice of bacon, reheated the sprouts in the pan and crumbled the bacon over top. Then fried up one of the eggs from my recent farm delivery over easy on top of the whole thing. I love veggies and eggs for breakfast!

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Smoky Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Recipe type: side dish
smoky flavors and roasted Brussels sprouts!
  • 1 lb fresh Brussels sprouts
  • 1-2 teaspoons Smoky Salt Blend
  • 1-2 Tablespoons melted bacon grease
  1. Wash and trim the Brussels sprouts and slice them in half.
  2. Place the sprouts in a large bowl, sprinkle with smoky salt, drizzle with bacon grease and toss.
  3. Place in stoneware or cast iron pan and roast at 425 degrees for about 25-30 minutes.

Do you love Brussels sprouts too? You might become a convert once you try this simple recipe! Share with us your favorite way to eat your veggies, leave a reply in the comments section.

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