This page contains links to a wide range of resources. These are here for your convenience. We are not affiliated with any of these companies unless noted. For all of the books we’ve read and recommend please visit our Amazon Affiliates Store. We appreciate your support when you purchase from Amazon through our store portal as we receive a percentage of the purchase price, but you do not pay any extra.

Well Fed Family on Pinterest – hundreds of pins on alternative remedies, health & medicine, recipes for every meal and every age, household projects, homestead and garden ideas, Sunday school ideas, and more

Well Fed Family on Twitter – my tweets lean more toward the food activist side of things, but there are also just everyday tweets on almost any subject

Breads DVD – this is Well Fed Family’s very first project teaching everything you need to know to make healthy, nutritious breads of all kinds using the soaked flour method. We are currently no longer selling this DVD.

Fields of Athenry Farm – truly free-range, humanely treated animals raised without added hormones or antibiotics. Limited delivery area of farm made bone broths plus farm store on their location in Virginia.

Corganic: Real Food for Autism – online source for healthy fats and oils, cod liver oil supplements, probiotic supplements and other items for GAPS patients and anyone on a gut-healing diet.

Health Talks Online – a large collection of online summits and conferences available on a wide range of health topics (affiliate link)

Selina Naturally – offers a wide range of sea salt and sea salt products as well as supplements, bone broth and snacks

Vital Choice – wild seafood, organic foods, supplements, pet items and kitchen tools

Original Living Coconut – Certified organic coconut products

Pure Indian Foods – 10 varieties of grassfed ghee, organic jaggery, lentils, spices and herbs

Wilderness Family Naturals – Offering a wide range of products including food, supplements, skin care and home. Buying club and wholesale options available.

Fab Ferments – fermented vegetables and beverages including kvass and kombucha

Radiant Life – Healthy fats and oils, superfood suplements, water purification and filtration, nutrient dense foods, and baby & child care products

Vitamix – heavy-duty blenders and blender systems for juicing, blending, chopping, frozen desserts, heating, grinding, and emulsifying.

Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation – sister organization to the Weston A Price Foundation, this group also offers members access to radio interviews with Dr. Weston Price.

Chelsea Green Publishing – carries a wide range of books for the homesteader, real food enthusiast, herbalist, and activist.

New Trends Publishing – The Nourishing Traditions publishing company offering all of the Weston A Price Foundation books as well as some DVDs of favorite lectures. Also offering an online course on Traditional Diets taught by Sally Fallon Morell.

Know Your Vaccines – vaccine safety information for educational purposes.

VAERS – government reporting site for the vaccine-injured

Vaccine Flyer from Weston A Price Foundation – printable resource

Nutritional Therapy Association – offers training programs for Nutritional Therapists

Hawthorn University – an online holistic nutrition college offering several degrees and certifications including the Wise Traditions Nutrition Certificate. They also offer an extensive and expanding library of webinars.

International Fragrance Association (Ifra) – keeps safety standards on all fragrance ingredients used in cosmetics worldwide including safe dilutions of essential oils

Franklin Institute of Wellness – essential oil and herbal medicine learning and information including many e-courses and certifications in aromatherapy and herbalist.

Dr. Ron’s Ultra-Pure – supplements and body care products without any synthetic additives

BeeYoutiful – supplements, essential oils and diffusers, home care products, personal care products, pantry products, teas, beauty accessories and informational blog (affiliate link)

Urban Moonshine – organic digestive bitters and herbal tonics

Hopewell Oils – high quality essential oils and diffusers. A family owned company without any multi-level marketing mark-ups

The Bulk Herb Store – teas, salves, spices, books and DVDs, informational videos and tutorials

Global Organics – wholesale organic foods, buying club options available

UNFI – wholesale foods including many organic options, buying club options available

Frontier – wholesale natural foods, herbs, supplements, spices, teas, home and bath products, paper goods, recycled storage products, clothing, childrens, and much more; buying club options available

Azure Standard – bulk foods wholesale company making delivery to many states for buying clubs, many organic and all natural choices available

Hummingbird Wholesale – serving the West Coast states with bulk nuts and organic foods

Millers Organic Farm – serving much of the Eastern US with Amish-raised milk, cheese, meats, breads, bone broth and more, for buying clubs.

Bread Beckers – bulk grains and baking equipment, pantry products, kitchen tools, home care and cleaning, teas, water filtration, for co-op groups.

Tropical Traditions – coconut oil and coconut products, bulk foods club, supplements, essential oils, books, household items

Simply Cheese – delivers cheese, with many grassfed, raw and organic choices, across the Eastern US, wholesale option available

Alderspring Ranch – serving the Western US with grassfed Angus beef

Krueger-Norton Sugarhouse – Family owned maple syrup farm

Olea Estates Olive Oil – family produced  organic olive oils, farming since 1856 in Greece

Chaffin Family Orchards – family own olive oil farm

Garden Tower Project – turn kitchen scraps into organic vegetables and fruits using this unique tower garden planter (aff. link)

Green Pastures – this is the WAPF recommended source for fermented cod liver oil, they also sell other supplements and skincare products

Suzie’s Sourdough – sharing sourdough starter and recipes

To Your Health Sprouted Flour – a family owned company from my home state of Alabama. Sells all kinds of sprouted flours and baking accessories plus recipes





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