Money Money Money

money clip artWatch a half hour of television and you will see evidence of some of the richest pseudo-nations in the world. PepsiCo just posted 3rd quarter earnings of $1.19 BILLION dollars! Billion – with a B – dollars! And that’s just their earnings – their actual 3rd quarter sales were SIXTEEN BILLION DOLLARS!  Pepsi’s yearly earnings make them worth more than nearly 60% of the world’s countries.  WalMart’s revenues, earning $22 Billion in net sales last year, are larger than Sweden’s GDP.

PepsiCo and WalMart are just the tip of the iceberg. Mars, Soyjoy, Kellog, General MIlls, Coca-Cola, Abbott, McNeil, Unilever, Hersheys and Aramark total $470 BILLION DOLLARS in revenue. Biotech giant Monsanto reported earning $2.4 BILLION last year. What do we know about the role of money in this world today? Those with the most money can wield the most power.  A perfect example came just yesterday (November 5, 2013) when the state of Washington set a record for most money raised for an initiative campaign in the history of the state. More than $21.4 million was spent to defeat mandatory GMO labeling in Washington.  The final vote was 54% against labeling to 45% for labeling. The individuals sponsoring “Vote Yes” spent $6.3 million.  However that $21.4 Million represented less than .005% of the profits available to the giant corporations opposing the initiative.

Yes, we know money talks. Money is power. We also know “some people, eager for money, GMO supporters and opposers croppedhave wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs” (1 Timothy 6:10). The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the ADA) is the go-to organization for health and nutrition information and policy from the government. They are the credentialing agency for anyone becoming a Registered Dietitian. They work directly with state and federal legislators in forming public policy regarding nutrition, Medicare, food safety and more.  Yet the corporate sponsorship of the Academy is nearly identical to the list of companies making major contributions to defeat GMO labeling in both Washington and earlier in California.  The money behind the dietary policy makers for our country comes from Abbott Nutrition (makers of Ensure and Similac), Coca-Cola, the National Dairy Council (confinement cows fed bakery waste), Kelloggs (world’s leading producer of cereal and convenience food), McCormick, PepsiCo, SoyJoy, and Unilever (Country Crock, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, etc.).

There is just too much money at stake here for the largest licensing, certification, registrationpuppets on string credentialing agency in the U.S. to be promoting advice that places their sponsors in a bad light. The agency’s budget is several million dollars each year. So the ongoing dogma of “eat lean protein, fat-free dairy, vegetable oils and plenty of grains” isn’t going to stop anytime soon. As Zoe Harcombe once said “If you demonize REAL food, people will HAVE to eat non-real food.” Which is what appears to be happening more and more and more.