March Against Monsanto in Orlando

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Fifty-two countries and 436 cities around the world held protest rallies Saturday, May 25th, against GMO-giantMarch against Monsanto 1 Monsanto. From Los Angeles to Orlando, people came out in force to show solidarity against GMO foods, GMO seeds and the corporate mega-power money that allows special above-the-law status for biotech bully Monsanto.

Saturday’s rally at City Hall in Orlando saw an estimated crowd of 800 people on the steps of City Hall and on surrounding street corners holding up signs and cheering together “No GMO!” Speakers informed onlookers of some of the many dangers of GMO foods and farming.

The protest in Orlando was part of a global protest organized via Facebook in late February. Each city found local organizers to rally people to their local protest location by using Facebook event pages. This grassroots movement took wings through social networking. Now more and more people are aware that although the federal government states GMO crops and foods are safe, independent research all around the world has shown this to be the opposite. Unfortunately over 90% of all corn, cotton, soybean and canola in the US are produced from biotech-developed genetically modified seed, with alfalfa and sugar beets also gaining market share. It is time for citizens to take back control of their food supply and their environment.

March against monsanto 5In spite of the US Senate rejecting a bill to allow all states to call for mandatory labeling of GMO Vermont and Connecticut are moving ahead with plans to require GMO labeling for their states. Washington state is also bringing GMO labeling up for a vote this fall. Whole Foods grocery stores are requiring all foods sold in their stores to bear GMO labels by 2018. As more consumers are aware of the dangers of GMO there will be more demand for GMO labeling whether the FDA, the Senate or biotech lobby groups want it or not.

The next local Florida-area non-GMO event is coming up this week. There will be a free showing of Jeffrey Smith’s new movie Genetic Roulette on Thursday June 30th at 7pm at the park building at Donnelly Park in Mt. Dora, FL.  Bring your friends and family and learn just how dangerous GMOs are to our health, our environment, our farms and our farmworkers. See a preview of the movie at against monsanto 2