Let Us Not Grow Weary

I don’t think I’ve ever done this before, which is weird since that’s what most bloggers do all the time….   I had planned to sit down and finish a blog on SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), but I’m feeling prompted to just share with you what’s on my heart.  It has been a very draining couple of weeks. And it all seems to relate back to the fact that no matter how much I talk, no matter how much I tell people, however many blogs I write or classes I teach – I just can’t change anyone’s mind unless they are ready to be changed. It just isn’t in my power.

I would love to know how to inspire change in people who desperately need it. I’m so tired of seeing friends suffering with super heavy duty illnesses. I’m tired of seeing children suffering when they don’t have to. I’m weary of the news reports of all the anger and abuse, aching to see friends and children of friends burdened with depression.  One person I’ve been trying to talk to for three years, trying to share how they could change their diet and feel so much better, has now been diagnosed with cancer. Of course the children are devastated. So am I.

I want to help. I want to give people the tools to begin building a better life, better health, better mindset…. But I can’t do it by myself.

The contractor who redid our kitchen is back. He’s working on the kids’ bathroom now  (my daughter is so thankful, she can’t wait to have drawers that work again so she doesn’t have to share the only drawer with her brother).   So my contractor is wonderful, and he’s also a pastor at a little independent church a few miles away. He’s listening to me talk to him about one friend who has been sick for ever so long, who just can’t seem to catch a break, and he tells me that part of it is she hasn’t been set free spiritually. Her mind is still in chains so her body can’t heal. Ok, so my contractor isn’t a medical doctor, but he’s right.  And it explains a lot of why I can’t help some of these people, why I can’t do this by myself….

To put it another way “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.” Proverbs 23:7a. 

Whether or not someone attends one of my classes, or reads a blog, or says to me “I need to get healthy,” doesn’t matter. What does matter is what is in their heart, what is their desire, what is truly important to them.  No one is going to take this health journey and succeed unless they truly believe it. They must believe they can be healthier. They must believe they are worth the effort it will take. They must be strong enough to persevere when friends or family question them.  And it isn’t ever easy.

My friend, Brenda, was remarking to me today how it always seems that when someone decides to become a Christian, makes the commitment to a new life and a journey of spiritual healing, that obstacles seem to spring up out of nowhere to sidetrack them, bog them down, take away their enthusiasm.  The same can be said for someone beginning a physical healing journey as well.  And the solution for each is the same – it cannot be done with sheer willpower, it can only be done when you realize you cannot do it alone. Reaching out in prayer, diving into God’s word, fellowship with others on the same journey, meditating on the motivation and reasons you are making this effort to bring change to your life.

let us not grow wearyDo you ever grow weary? Do you ever feel like no one is listening? Is there someone in your life your would like to motivate, but can’t seem to get them to hear you? How have you handled this situation? How do you help people start a journey to better health? Share your comments and leave a reply.

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4 thoughts on “Let Us Not Grow Weary

  1. Jane

    I’ve heard it said that only two things cause a person to change: vanity and crisis. Even so, you are right – it cannot be done by sheer willpower. It can only be done when you realize you cannot do it alone.

  2. Chris

    I completely understand how you feel! I feel the same way in both my faith and healthy habits. I have family who want nothing to do with either. The best I know to do is keep walking the walk He has showed me. I pray my example will draw them nearer. Please know you are not alone and what you do is so very appreciated. Your blog is what promoted our walk towards far better eating habits.

  3. brother's keeper

    Yes, yes, yes! I hear your aching heart. I have studied nutrition since my twenties. I am creeping up on 60 next year. I NEVER took my children to any medical doctor(thank the LORD we didn’t HAVE to…accidents, etc), but did visit a few chiropractors along the way. We chose not to vaccinate, as it didn’t seem God would operate that way. So, when illness came to call, which, honestly was rare, we rode out the storm. Yet is amazes me that my friends, whose kids were constantly ill, didn’t seem to see the difference(many wouldn’t even believe me when I told them the what I just told you! It’s just not in their imagination that that is possible!), even though they spent time with us. Never a drug, never any emergency. 105 fever-once or twice, but prayer, and patience, and love. NOT fear. God worked.

    Now, I’m having a neurological issue, due to a fall…although chiro says I fell due to imbalanced cerebellum, which apparently could go all the way back. I was a forceps delivery, and the doctor told my mom I might have seizures later. Which, I did. Mom hated the impact that phenobarbital had on me, and read the literature…back then, only Adele Davis, I think. She weaned me off the drug(BRAVE lady, for those days…1965) and gave me Cal Mag. Guess what? NO MORE SEIZURES!! But I tell people that, and it’s as if they didn’t hear it at all!! They keep taking their drugs and griping about the side effects.

    Anyway, you’re right. It takes trusting the Lord. That He wants to heal us, first in our spirit. I feel, as I’m dealing with my leg not working properly, the fear Satan wants to put on me that I’ll never walk normally again. Chiropractic neurologist doctor told me that they try to fool the brain, because when an idea gets locked into our heads, it’s hard to change. So they will use a mirror to fool the patient into believing their right hand is working when it’s actually a mirror image of the left, but they don’t know that. And guess what, their hand starts working, because the patient’s brain receives it as true. WOW. I think I got that right! I was stunned. And my walking, dragging this foot, that isn’t manifesting as TRUE drop foot, is tedious, but I know part of it is my brain telling me it will never change. Pray for me, please! I did have a good episode a few days ago. Had been adjusted, done my neuro exercises, spent an hour in the pool exercising, in general, and when I walked back to the house from the pool, my gait was normal for about 2 minutes.

    But you are correct. The MOTIVE. Is my motive just to get healthy again, so I won’t be so dependent? I have learned to not take something as simple(ha!) as walking for granted. I am sooo thankful for the function of my limbs!!! That three work perfectly, and that the 4th one is getting there, in HIS time. Has my health been the end all? Have I prized it too highly? Have I despised those who don’t ‘get it'(yes, many times, sadly), have I really reached out to those who don’t and just loved them where they are when they won’t change? Because, IF they do change just based on the facts presented, versus doing it to honor Jesus, haven’t they just fed their flesh and brought glory to themselves instead of God? What if God needs that person in that place of need to draw them closer to Him, and I just circumvented that by providing THE solution. A solution, but minus God. Ouch!

  4. Charlene Notgrass

    Amy and Lee, this article is spot on. We just can’t make anyone do anything. Remember what Jesus said when He looked at Jerusalem and talked about how He wanted to gather them under His wing but they wouldn’t let Him. Keep it up, girls. You are doing so much good and I appreciate so much.

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