Lemon Garlic Salad Dressing

Here in Central Florida in January it isn’t hard to find fresh citrus.  Someone left a bag of big Meyer lemons in the back hallway at church so I snagged as many as I could juggle in one hand and headed out to the car.  When I got home I pulled out my low-tech citrus juicer, sliced one of the lemons open enjoying the burst of bright lemon scent, and made salad dressing. meyer lemons 

Sometimes the simple way is the best way. Here is an example of just that. This dressing has only five ingredients, takes only a few minutes to prepare, and yet has all the flavor you could ever want. It is perfect over plain green salads but also works well on steamed or grilled vegetables, sauteed fish or chicken, or tiny new potatoes.

Lemon Garlic Salad Dressing

1 small clove of garlic

1 tsp sea salt

3 Tblsp fresh lemon juice

6-7 Tblsp high-quality extra virgin olive oil

freshly ground black pepper                          


Take a knife and lay it with the flat side onto the garlic clove.  Give the flat of the blade a determined smack and crush the garlic. Remove the outer peel, then give the smashed garlic a couple of rough chops and put it in a clean, dry bowl.  Add the sea salt and use the back of a spoon to mash the salt and garlic together into a paste.  Pour in the fresh lemon juice and use a fork to stir up the garlic salt paste into the lemon juice. Add the olive oil while stirring with the fork. This is the place to use that extra special bottle of olive oil you splurged on at the gourmet shop. Mix the oil in well. Add the freshly ground pepper and serve.

This makes enough dressing for a very large bowl of fresh salad greens, or you can keep it in a glass jar in the refrigerator for three or four days to use on smaller salads throughout the week.