Homeschooling and Bible

DSC05808We are currently working on a series of lessons suitable for homeschooling families or for use in a co-op or Sunday School setting. These will incorporate lessons from the scriptures along with recipes and cooking projects that relate to the story.

Available already is an 8-week series of classes suitable for high school or middle school age children in the Central Florida area. This class can be used to fulfill high school credits in health and nutrition. If you have a small group or co-op please contact us about offering this class to your students. The class includes videos, lectures, discussions, home work and hands-on activities. send inquiries to

Children can do so much in the kitchen! Visit our YouTube channel and watch videos of our own kids demonstrating delicious recipes!

Download free printable lessons from The Prophets Foretell Jesus’ Birth , Wise Men Still Seek Him, and Jesus Is Born! Christmas lessons.

Are You Mary or Martha lesson

Free Ornament and Bible Lesson to Share.

Download free printable lesson on the Beatitudes.

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