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Well Fed Family is your source for real food education! We are available for classes in the Centralwell fed family cookbook cover Florida area. “Like” us on Facebook to stay informed about local-area classes as they are scheduled. Or schedule one of your own.  Do you have a mom’s group, church group, youth organization, or just a group of friends that may be interested in learning more about healthy eating, traditional foods techniques, raising healthy children or other healthy lifestyle topics?  Do you live in Seminole, Orange or Lake County Florida? Contact Well Fed Family to schedule your class today! Some classes may include a fee to cover materials costs, other informational classes are free.

Healthy Eating 101 – This is a three hour nutrition education and cooking class combined.  The first half of the class teaches you the basics of healthy eating using lecture and power point presentation; the second half of the class lets you try your hand at preparing many different healthy foods. We cook together and then enjoy eating the fruits of our labors as we take time for questions and answers. Everyone goes home with a large recipe booklet that includes many Basic Recipes as well as menus and recipes for a month’s worth of family dinners. The fee for this class is $25 per person to cover food and printing costs. We need a minimum of five paid participants for this class.
Lee is incredible. It has really changed how we eat and for the first time we cook at home. You will learn things you can change right away without making a major overhaul, she teaches you the baby steps.
The manual has great recipes. Even my picky eater has learned to eat some real foods, we are so excited. Less fighting over dinnertime
Shelley B., Orlando

Other Educational Classes – In addition to Healthy Eating 101 we have educational classes available on the topics listed below. These classes are free. Don’t see a topic you want? Contact us with a suggestion!

• Boosting Your Immune System        • Weight Loss for a Healthy Lifestyle

• Healthy Kids (for ages 7 and up)    • Nourishing Our Children (a special 2-hr video presentation)

wheat sourdough smallCooking and Food Preparation Classes – Well Fed Family got its start when Amy and Lee made the Breads DVD to help others learn how to use the soaking method to properly prepare whole grain flours to make nourishing and delicious breads of all kinds. We can do more than just bread so take a look at the delicious foods listed below and see if you’d like to learn how to make them for your family. These classes have a fee to cover materials. Contact us for more information.

• Kombucha    • Kefir & Yogurt    • Nourishing Bone Broth    • Homemade Raw Ice Cream                  • Salad Dressings & Dips    • Sourdough Bread    • Lacto-fermented vegetables    • Sprouting & Dehydrating Grains for Bread and Crackers    • Homemade Baby Food Basics


Mentoring Topics – Are you ready to start your real food journey but overwhelmed with just where to begin? One-on-one or small group mentoring sessions are available for a fee based on  session length and number of people.  •Going to the grocery store and shopping for real healthy food, •clearing out and restocking your pantry and refrigerator, or •planning meals and menus for the week or month are all areas where you can use a mentor to guide you.


Homeschool nutrition class – Do you have a homeschool group or co-op of high school or middle school students that need health and nutrition credits? Book this 8-week course for your students. Course includes videos, lectures, discussion, homework, recipes and hands-on activities.

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Since we are not doctors the advice we give here is for informational purposes only. We highly encourage you to research all health information, whether from conventional or alternative sources, before making any decisions. Some of our links may be with affiliate sponsors and generate a very small commission for our site. We appreciate your support which helps us keep this website up and running providing you with delicious recipes and support for your healthy family.

11 thoughts on “Classes and Mentoring

  1. wellfedfamily Post author

    Hi Ashley, We are working on a nutrition class but don’t have it ready at this time. I know that Food Renegade has something similar, you can check her site. Thanks for asking!

  2. Wendy Brown

    I am interested in hosting a class in my area. I live in Palmetto, Florida and think I may know of a location suitable for the class. When might you be available to come to y neck of the woods? The location is Manatee County. North of Sarasota and Bradenton, south of St. Petersburg.
    Thanks for all you do.

  3. Lori Carroll

    I live in Western Volusia County. When will you be doing classes on boosting your immune system? Thank you in advance…

    1. wellfedfamily Post author

      Hi Lori,
      I don’t have a class scheduled currently. If you have a small group of people who might be interested we can schedule something at your convenience. I also encourage you to get involved with our local Weston A Price Foundation chapter. We meet monthly in Longwood. It is always interesting and we learn a lot about all kinds of health, food and cooking topics.

    2. wellfedfamily Post author

      Hi Lori,
      My apologies for not seeing this sooner! The best way to get a class in your area is to email me at healthyeating @ wellfedfamily . net (spaces removed) and we can schedule something that way. I need a location for the class. Often we do them in people’s homes with a group of friends, or at a church or local meeting room such as a public library meeting space.

    1. wellfedfamily Post author

      Hi Michael, There is one in the works for August. I don’t have a date yet. It will be held at Flourish Nutrition Center in Longwood. 895 Fox Valley Dr, Longwood, FL 32779 · (407) 790-7536
      I will post the actual class date/time on our Facebook page. Or you can email me at healthyeating @ and I can put you on the local email list. thanks for your interest!


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