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Well Fed Family Breads DVD teaches you how to get the most nutrition from your homemade breads. Learn easy techniques that reduce anti-nutrients and help make your whole grains truly nutritious and delicious. Make soaked bread Nourishing Traditions-style.
“Thumbs Up” for Well Fed Family: Breads DVD! Read Tim Boyd’s review of our DVD from the Summer 2012 Wise Traditions Journal of the Weston A Price Foundation here

bread_dvd croppedThe Breads DVD follows Lee and Amy as they walk you through the basics of using freshly milled whole grain flours to make more than five different kinds of delicious breads. Step-by-step instructions are given for everything from yeast breads to flatbreads.  You will learn how to properly prepare these breads to give optimum nutrition and digestibility. Making soaked breads Nourishing Traditions-style doesn’t have to be hard! Grain mills and equipment are discussed and demonstrated, but even if you do not have a grain mill you can still use these healthful techniques to make terrific breads of all kinds!

“Lee and Amy do an excellent job of carefully and thoroughly explaining each step of the recipe and why it’s important. They introduce ingredients and demonstrate machines and tools, sharing the benefits of each particular one. Together they present a compelling case for meal planning and the use of only fresh, natural food products.”Tawdra Kandle with Taking Time for Mommy online magazine

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