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My sister, Amy, and I started Well Fed Family in the spring of 2010. We had just wrapped up production on our first project, the Breads DVD, the previous fall and wanted to let people know more about us and what we do.

Our purpose has always been to educate and support other families as they strive to learn about nourishing, God-created food; and how to prepare and serve this food to grow generations of healthy, strong children and families.

We are both wives, mothers, homeschoolers, and Real Food Educators, and we feel passionately about sharing our experiences and knowledge to help others. We began several years ago with bread making classes in our homes. Our Breads DVD sprang out of the many requests for these classes in areas too far for us to travel and teach.

Healthy Eating 101 was the first class curriculum I wrote, again as a request from a friend to please teach her what I knew about meal planning and healthy foods. Many people kept asking why we ate the way we do, and they were interested in the healthy changes they had seen in our families, especially in our children. Healthy Eating 101 has taught hundreds of families the basics of nutrition, cooking and menu planning since that first class in the fall of 2010.

Although our first cookbook, Eating With the Seasons,  has sold out of its first printing I am working on an e-book version due out in 2015.

Happiness on a Spoon, the Well Fed Family ice cream e-book, is now available for free to all of our newsletter subscribers.  Use the link on the right side of this website to subscribe and we’ll send you the link to the e-book right away.


As members of the Weston A. Price Foundation Amy and I heartily support and promote local family farms and pasture-based animal husbandry. We seek out hormone-free and antibiotic-free sources of raw, grassfed dairy. We serve grassfed beef, pastured poultry and pork, and wild caught fish to our families whenever possible.

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We encourage the consumption of clean, healthy fats, especially saturated fats such as grassfed butter and extra virgin coconut oil. We value immune-boosting fermented and cultured foods, and homemade bone broths as well as nutrient-dense foods like organ meats and raw grassfed cream.

We discourage the consumption of refined sugars, refined grains and refined oils, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives.

We also enjoy using essential oils, and homeopathic remedies as well as homemade personal care products and household cleaning products whenever possible.

Contributing Writer

You can also find more of Lee’s articles and recipes at Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS where she is a regular contributing writer. Lee has also been a guest writer for Nourishing Gourmet, and for the Florida Parents Educator Association blog.

Reader Comments

We both enjoy hearing from our readers and like to hear about your questions and concerns about food, nutrition and healthy living. Contact us by email at healthyeating@wellfedfamily.net or “Like” us on Facebook at Well Fed Family and send us a message there. We are on Twitter @wellfedfamily.   and on Pinterest at Well Fed Family.  Also check us out on You Tube where we have several video tutorials for some delicious recipes.

Disclosures:  Since we are not doctors the advice we give here is for informational purposes only. We highly encourage you to research all health information, whether from conventional or alternative sources, before making any decisions. Some of our links may be with affiliate sponsors and generate a very small commission for our site. We appreciate your support which helps us keep this website up and running providing you with delicious recipes and support for your healthy family.


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