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3 Things You Can Do for Your Kids (including talking about this uncomfortable topic)

Here are three tips from Jordan and Steve to make your kids stronger and healthier on the inside:

1. Share this chart with your kids

Get the conversation going about “going” in your house. Change the meaning of “potty talk” and open up a dialog about healthy bathroom habits at an early age. Your kids can track their own health just by knowing what to look for when they potty. It’s normal and healthy to poop, and kids are naturally curious, help to focus them in a healthy direction.

Does your Poop Stack Up?
Source: SolvingLeakyGut.com

2. Eat an abundance of fermented foods.

Serve them everyday. Make it normal at your house to have them around, and lead with your example as you eat them every day. Start with SCD yogurt, kimchee, kefir, sauerkraut, and pickles. Let your kitchen be a place of exploration.

3. Let them play in the dirt.

Soil contains millions of beneficial microbes, especially near the top where the plants grow. Plants need a healthy, diverse probiotic community just like we do. In addition to contact with a wide range of immune-strengthening microbes, getting outside to play in the dirt gives kids sunlight (vit D) exposure, exercise and fun.

Which tip is your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Going Gluten-free: Fad or Necessity?

Gluten Free

I went gluten-free a little over a year ago. More than one person thought I was crazy, but since then I no longer have brain fog (that feeling of rusty steel wool scratching around my head while I’m trying to think), bloating, heart palpitations, or dizziness after eating things like pancakes, French toast, and pizza.

I’ve heard gluten-free eating called a “fad”. One recent article in a well-known traditional foods journal called it a “gluten-free craze” that lacks common sense, hurts the wheat industry, and randomly condemns an entire food group. The article also came pretty close to accusing parents who put their children on gluten-free diets of committing dietary child abuse…..(read more here)

You can read the rest of this article at my GNOWFGLINS guest post! Please leave a comment on whether you agree or disagree, or where you are in your own gluten-free journey.