How Do I Know I’m Feeding My Body the Right Way?

Sometimes with all of the nutritional news, big headlines, new studies, and conflicting information we get confused, lost, miss our focus. The truth is there is no ONE diet that works for ALL people. Even within a person’s lifetime there can be several different diets for different stages of life. The bottom line to keep in mind, however, is the basic goal of nutrition.

Byron Richards, Clinical Nutritionist and author of Mastering Leptin, explains that the goal of nutrition is to maintain or restore the healthy structure and function of our body, to maintain or restore effective communication within our body systems, and to establish or maintain correct biological rhythms even in times of stress.

In a nutshell you will know your nutritional needs are being met when you have a healthy tolerance DSC03223for stress (physical, mental or emotional), your belly is flat (or if you are overweight your belly is beginning to shrink), your muscle energy is good, and you have a positive drive for life.

Is your diet doing this for you?