Chemicals, Carbo-drugs and the New Normal (series part 3)

this is the third in a continuing series taking a look at weight loss. Read part one here and  read part two here.

No one WANTS to be obese. People are literally starving themselves in order to get thin and yet they still gain weight. What are we doing wrong?

One answer is that we have abandoned our nutritious foods in favor of foods that are devoid of life, devoid of nutrition, but these foods meet the need in our modern lifestyle for quick, easy, tasty and cheap. This kind of modern diet lacking in nutrition has literally damaged our bodies very badly and yet we are so addicted to them we cannot break free.

“We have stopped eating food here [in the U.S.]; we mostly eat chemicals and carbo-drugs.” –Julie Ross, author of The Diet Cure

So let’s take a look at “normal”. Which of these is your normal?

A. We wake up from a sound and restful sleep each morning and spring out of bed with pep andDSC05819 energy ready to meet the day. We eat three nourishing meals a day made of real, nutrient-filled food and we are not tempted by snacks, coffee, sodas or cigarettes.  We are refreshed and revitalized when we exercise. We don’t have an afternoon or evening slump requiring any kind of pick-me-up. When bedtime rolls around we are comfortably tired and fall asleep quickly, ready to sleep the full night through. We are not plagued by chronic disease and we easily maintain a healthy weight and a healthy outlook on life well into old age.

B. We hit the snooze button five times before finally rolling out of bed at the very last second stillRJ sleeping on the floor wishing we were back under the covers. If we’re lucky we get toast and coffee, but more likely we get nothing until about midmorning when we dive headfirst into the breakroom donut box. Feeling guilty at lunch we get a diet soda and chewing gum. It’s not January anymore so the gym isn’t part of the afternoon routine. Instead we pick up the kids after school and drive through a fast food place for some nuggets to keep them quiet until we can figure out what’s for supper. Pizza delivery on the speed dial works tonight. It goes well with the glass (or three) of wine that helps you fall asleep by midnight so you can do it all over again the next day.

Which scenario is your normal?  Do you know anyone who claims “A” is their normal?  Do you remember what it felt like to be a kid at Christmastime? – loads of energy, excited about everything, couldn’t wait to get up in the morning…

Wouldn’t it be great to feel like that again?   When your body is in balance that is what your normal can be once more. One key to finding that overall balance is to balance your leptin.  Don’t know what that is? Don’t know how that works?    ………to be continued!……..Read Part Four here.


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